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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - R. Buckminster Fuller What does Software as a Service (SaaS) have to do with open source? Not much, you might think. SaaS, as you probably know, is a delivery- and business-model for software that has been proving quite disruptive to the traditional software business - just as the Open Source model has been. The two combined may turn out to be even more so. Internet Companies, Hosters, Telcos, Carriers, Service Data Centers and others, have been making money for more than a decade by providing services based on Open Source software. Unfortunately for the makers of such software - Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postfix, Sendmail – just to name a few - it didn’t help them to generate much revenues (sometimes,... (more)

Building a New Communications Highway...

If the Internet did one thing, it dramatically accelerated the flow of information. This, in turn, has led to additional pressures on today's white-collar workers - the so-called knowledge workers. A reply to a written letter may well take a week - more than adequate in the not-too-distant past. Today, not replying to an e-mail within a day is close to an offense - and watching the "Crackberry Heads" and Instant Messengers - "expected" response time is coming down to minutes and even seconds. One thing that made this possible was the availability of open source operating systems... (more)

What Yahoo Exiting Hosting and SMB / SaaS Means to Hosters

Yahoo is unloading Zimbra and with it the whole SMB hosting business. While the Zimbra part is interesting to us here at Open-Xchange, as it also shows some technology related weaknesses, the bigger picture may be even more interesting - especially to Service Providers. Tier1's Phil Shih get's it right (as usual): "...Yahoo is also set to unload Zimbra, which Yahoo has had little success leveraging across its small business customer base, although it continues to grow. T1R does not agree that Zimbra had (or has) no hope within Yahoo because it is a solely enterprise-focused prod... (more)

SaaS and Channel Partners Meet at First Open-Xchange Summit

To meet the "who is who" of our Service Provider and Channel Partners you had to be at the Rhein-Energie football stadium in Cologne on Oct. 8, 2009. The day before 30 had registered for our technical workshop, 55 showed up so we split it into two. At the summit we and our 9 summit partners where very happy with the attendence, in total we had 120 people from all over the world. The venue was exciting, a whole stadium just for us (and yes, in a couple of years we intend to fill it up ;-). What was really unique was that we had a good mix of Service Providers and Channel Partners... (more)

Open Source Is No "Get-Rich-Quick Scheme" But If You Get It Right...

Money is being made with Open Source. Some make spectacular money by exploiting Open Source (Google, Apple) and some things wouldn't even exist without it (Internet, Software as a Service, Cloud Computing) - so it really boils down to finding the right business model. BusinessWeek has a good one on making money and growing fast in the open source world, titled "Open Source: An Open Question for Red Hat and Others". The general theme is: Open Source companies have a tough time growing fast and making profits - with RedHat and Novell as examples - altough "Software supplier Red Hat... (more)